33 | Need To Take Action? Let's Talk Courage & Confidence with Nicole O. Salmon

In today's episode, we dive into the transformative power of courage and confidence and how they play a pivotal role in taking action towards your goals. Whether you're feeling stuck, overwhelmed, or hesitant, let's talk courage and confidence with renowned author, speaker, and pastor Nicole O. Salmon. 

Key Questions Answered:

  1. How do we overcome self-doubt and fear in order to start?
  2. How important is building your courage and confidence?
  3. How does faith play a role in your journey to becoming a leader?
  4. How can we be obedient in seasons where we feel stuck?
  5. Why does God sometimes remain silent?
  6. How can you become a courageous leader in your business and community?
  7. How do we live a more purpose-led life?

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