I’m Reen.

A Jesus freak, fashion fanatic, coffee lover, and mama to an inquisitive little girl named Coco.

Like many others, I had a season in my life where I barely made the ends meet.

At that time, I was working as a part-time stylist. Expressing myself through clothes helped me fight my inner battles.

I shifted my mindset and life started to get great until it felt like I was alone in my marriage.

I was looking to be validated, to be told I was worthy of being loved.

Things took a turn for the worse and I had to throw in the towel.

I got divorced while being unable to afford basic necessities like pampers, food, and clothes on my own. I was almost out on the streets if it weren’t for my parents.

Sheereen Charles and daughter

I have less than $500 in my bank account then… but it didn't stop me from finding my way out of this situation.

If anything, it pushed me to get back up my feet.

Sheereen Charles

So I started thinking about all the things that I’m passionate about.

I have degrees in Business Management, Business Operations, and Fashion Management because I am crazy interested in all things business, style, and messaging.

What if I showed entrepreneurs how to get their message across to the right people and therefore propel their businesses? How awesome would that be?

I got to work, building up other women and their brands as well as building myself and my self-confidence.

Years later I'm flourishing, running the business of my absolute dreams, and feeling good about myself.

I love that I help coaches, entrepreneurs, authors, speakers, and small business owners get the high-level clients and opportunities they deserve by tweaking their message and positioning themselves as experts.

Shifting my attitude and using my past struggles and passions as a tool has transformed me and my business.

In the past few months alone, I've quadrupled my leads and am living the life I've always wanted.

Your purpose and passions grow stronger through your pain.


are you ready to push through the pain?

If yes, I encourage you to reach out to me on Instagram so we can have a chat on how I can support you further.


Use your God-given talents to get clients and make money with Sheereen Charles, business coach and speaker.