20 | Plan the New Year with me: How to Set God-Ordained Goals for Success

In today's episode, we embark on a transformative journey together as we discuss the art of setting God-ordained goals for the upcoming year. Get ready to dive deep into the process of aligning your aspirations with God's divine plan.

Key Takeaways:

The Power of Prayerful Planning

Recognize the significance of prayerful planning. Learn how incorporating prayer into your goal-setting process can bring clarity, purpose, and divine guidance to your aspirations.

Seeking God's Will in Goal Setting

Setting God-ordained goals involves seeking His will. Explore practical strategies for discerning God's guidance in your ambitions, ensuring alignment with His divine purpose for your life.

Creating a Faith-Focused Action Plan

It's not just about setting goals; it's about crafting a faith-focused action plan. Uncover practical steps for translating your God-ordained goals into actionable and achievable steps.

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